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Film Clips and Book Listings

Life as a Royal Marine then and now!


An interesting newsreel shot at Walcheren showing both British and Norwegian Royal Marines in action!


Pete Rogers (Commando Veterans Assoc.) Son of L/Sgt Joe Rogers MM and nephew of TSM Ken McAllister both No 2 Commando 5 troop created this great video.



48 Royal Marine Commando Unit History Privately Published.

Haste to the Battle. J.L. Moulton

Battle for Antwerp. J.L.Moulton

D-Day Commando: From Normandy to the Maas with 48 Royal Marine Commando... by Ken ford

Commando Men: The Story of a Royal Marine Commando in WW2... by Bryan Samain

British Commandos 1940 -1946 (Battle Orders) by Tim Moreman

Marine Commando: Sicily and Salerno, 1943... by Colonel J.F. Parsons

No.10 Inter-Allied Commando 1940-45: Britain... by Nick Van Der Bijl

Beachhead Assault: The Story of the Royal Naval Commandos in WW2... by David Lee

D-Day 1944: Gold and Juno Beaches Pt.4 (Osprey Campaign) by Ken Ford and Howard Gerrard

Juno Beach (Battle Zone Normandy) by Ken Ford

D-Day 1944: Gold and Juno Beaches (Praeger Illustrated Military History) by Ken Ford

By Sea And Land: Story of the Royal Marine Commandos (Cassell Military Paperbacks) by Robin Neillands

Walcheren (Battleground Europe) by Andrew Rawson

From Omaha to the Scheldt: The Story of 47 Royal Marine Commando by John Forfar

We Died With Our Boots Clean by Kenneth McAlpine